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  1. pastorbryant04-08-11

    YES, we are and we are happy-glad to have you and your family on board the BUS

  2. Khatalina Johnson05-01-11

    I’m lovin’ it! The new website is very nice!!!

    • Joyelle10-28-11

      Enlightening the world, one helpful atrlcie at a time.

    • Sandra10-30-11

      Wow, this is in every respcet what I needed to know.

  3. Elder Mo'05-26-11

    It is an honor and a privilege to those who are called to take up the position of Pastor and Under-Shepherd in the local church. God has given us (Jer 3:15) two special breeds in the person of Jonathan and Stephanie Bryant. They are surgeon physicians who are daily and weekly making repairs to the body of Christ. The eternal lives of human beings lay in the balances. Thank God for two Pastors who are responsible and accountable to God for what he has been given them charge over (1 Thessalonians 2:4). We Love and appreciate you both and the RCLC Family. Elder and Sister Mo’.

    • Satchell10-30-11

      Please keep trhoiwng these posts up they help tons.

  4. Pastor Bryant10-04-11

    Thanks Pastor Mo, Love yall sir

  5. Gina10-30-11

    Great post with lots of imporntat stuff.